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So far... the story sucks!

“The world is in destruction, the apocalypse is looming, it’s your fault. This inconvenient truth requires sacrifices, taxes, ending business-as-usual, changing the way you live and punishing those who ‘caused the problem'." This story is overwhelming, paralyzing, divisive, and depressing.


There has to be a better way

We need a totally positive message, an inspiring vision, and a realistic, uplifting plan. If we want to accelerate this, it should be simple, easy, fun and reward everyone, even those who are in doubt that paradise is possible. 

The virus and climate change are some of the greatest challenges ever faced by humanity. We need more narratives along the lines of “I have a dream”, “tear down this wall!” and “we choose to go to the moon”. Once you start to dig into the challenge, right under the ‘daunting’ surface, you'll find there is more possibility, inspiration, and opportunity than you ever imagined. There is an amazing story waiting to be told, and billions of people are pining to hear it and to share it with the people they love.


It's time to flip the script

Welcome to the greatest epic adventure undertaken by people on this planet! The transformation we will witness and cause in the next 10 years, even in the next year, will blow you away. This is the beginning of the exodus from thinking small. 


We are the generation of Eden and yes, paradise is possible. We have the means to make this real. We have the resources. We can connect better than ever before. We have only begun to effectively tap into and channel our individual and our collective best: our best intelligence, wisdom, experience, know how, can do, heart, love, kindness, creativity and inspiration. We’ve been living in stress for so long (ever since, well, ever) that we haven’t noticed the abundance-ability we have in our hands and in our communities in these best of times. We can stop bashing each other with the bat, go for the pinata together, and crack this ‘lob ball’ virus and climate challenge all the way to paradise.

our mission

Our mission is to unite, excite, and circle communities around solutionary actions that will generate paradise on earth. 

our values

We are on this earth and quest together, we might as well have a good time. Creativity, action, and generosity thrive in the way of play and friendship.

Circling in council is a simple, trusted way to build community, share truths, ideas, and experiences, come into alignment, and generate actionable agreements.

We solve problems in open, collaborative, strategic ways that benefit and align all stakeholders in a comprehensive manner that strives not to harm one group while helping another.

Eden is right here and now -- how we choose to express, engage, and live in this moment informs the outcome.


We'll be honest...

This website isn't done. We have much more to say. We are a work in progress just like everyone else. So why not progress collectively? That's why we're a "cooperative", because there is no one vision of paradise... we have to create it together. 

Vote for paradise and...


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